A case study on the Best of Zambia


About the Best of Zambia

The Best of Zambia helps people find information about companies in Zambia. Whilst there is a growing Zambian and African audience looking for web based information, there is still limited quality information available online. So the Best of Zambia advertises Zambian businesses to this growing international and local audience through information that is design-led, all-inclusive, accurate and up-to-date. Like many others before it, everything it has achieved so far has been through a combination of bootstrapping, lucky breaks, almighty risks, personal investment, unexpected blessings, and the support and sideline cheering from some fantastic people. But it is far from the final picture the team holds firmly in their minds.


Behind the scenes, a fourth major overhaul is underway. This has to be so because of the pace of changing technology and phased priorities. ”


Design and development

Something Beckons has redesigned the Best of Zambia website three times in four years. Behind the scenes, a fourth major overhaul is underway. This has to be so because of the pace of changing technology and phased priorities. In between each major overhaul have been a long series of less drastic adjustments. It is an ongoing design and development progamme, limited only by budget. 


Something Beckons has handled all the Best of Zambia marketing since its inception. This continues to involve the following:

  • Set up and management of internationalised marketing and communication systems and processes
  • Training team members in Zambia and the UK
  • Creating valuable content and developing a network of contributors 
  • Management of all social media channels including Twitter and Facebook, and more recently, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • E-marketing campaigns
  • PR and advertising in local Zambian magazines

The vision which Something Beckons must unravel


Because the Best of Zambia is an online product, it will never be ‘finished’. It must continuously adjust with changing technologies, dynamic target audience needs, and an evolving culture. ”


Working on a project as mammoth as the Best of Zambia, sometimes demands pen and paper work. We haven't yet got the dream studio with wipe clean walls, so we make do with flip charts! 

The next rendition of the website is summarised by the orange part of this picture. It's part of a larger flip chart paper exercise. The point of the new website is to provide an easy to use web of information so users can find exactly what they are looking for, with absolute ease, even if they do not know that they are looking for! The web of information will lead them on to other informative, exciting, interesting pieces, ensuring they have the latest about products and services at their fingertips. We're won't explain it more than that, in case we give away our secrets too early. That would be silly. 


Website upgrade

The fourth major overhaul of the site included:

  • A more mobile and tablet friendly design
  • A space for an online marketplace
  • More prominence to events, offers and jobs
  • Enhanced navigation so users have a clearer, easier, and more exciting journey of discovery through the site
  • Embracing new theories on gamification, attraction marketing and website performance
  • A rebrand that to make it more applicable to other African markets

Growth plans

Membership is growing, the team is expanding, and there are more communication channels to juggle. So more emphasis is being placed on systems, processes and plans. As more resources are being allocated, current priorities include:

  • Creating a master marketing and social media plan
  • Internal communication between international teams
  • Effectively managing multiple communication channels for the benefit of our audience
  • Manage the tricky rebranding process
  • Developing a stronger community around the Best of Zambia brand

The Best of Zambia is all about passion


To understand the path the Best of Zambia is taking, you must understand its 'why'. Its existence is interlocked with the story of a very humble man called Albert Papayi Brown.

Albert is Father and Grandfather to the Best of Zambia's leadership team. They call him Papa. Papa was born to Captain Brown, a British soldier who served in Northern Rhodesia. His mother was a black Zambian. As one of the first 'coloured' people to exist in Zambia, Papa's life was a series of challenges. He was born on the bridge that joins Zambia with Zimbabwe. He never met his father. He finished school at the age of 24. He worked as a bush tracker and a guide. Later he became a builder, carpenter and subsistence farmer. Papa's philosophies and fighting spirit have been passed on through the generations. Having spent much of their time in Zambia, Zambia is in the blood and the bones of this family run business. Today the team applies the knowledge they have in marketing and online communication into the evolving website, thebestofzambia.com. In case you haven't figured it out yet, the team behind Something Beckons, is the team behind the Best of Zambia. Something Beckons designs, develops and markets the Best of Zambia, supporting the local Zambian office from the UK.

 Temp image: Albert Papayi Brown

Temp image: Albert Papayi Brown


Papa's philosophies and fighting spirit have been passed on through the generations”

We believe Africa’s time is now. We know our history, we know our greatness, we know where we are going. Through thebestofzambia.com, and our work with Something Beckons, we are showing the world that there is more to Africa than what you hear and read about. I want to thank each member of our team. We are ordinary people who are doing incredible things. I want to thank those businesses and service providers without whom we would not have been able to reach this far. Our promise to you all is we will deliver the best of the web, and tell your story through thebestofzambia.com
— Joe Brown, CEO, The Best of Zambia