Marketing support for successful marketing plan delivery

We help you achieve your marketing goals. Marketing support sessions are designed to keep you on track from month to month. They give you the opportunity to discuss challenges, ask questions, weigh up marketing delivery options and get expert help.


Thanks for your very constructive and adaptable input yesterday. It was a really sharp edged innovative session. All very exciting! — John Anderson, Director, Impala Consulting


You could manage your marketing yourself, in the same way that you could repair your own car. But an expert will get faster and better results, allowing you to spend your time doing what you're good at — running your business. 

Today high performing websites are those with quality and up to date content. This ongoing support is tailored to suit your budget and business needs and will help you achieve a quality online presence


Marketing support retainers


Together, we ensure goals are achieved by regularly reviewing your Marketing Action Plan. We identify key action points then allocate resources and delegate responsibilities. Our tailored approach maintains marketing momentum, helping to generate leads.

A marketing support retainer could involve any, or a combination of the following:


Marketing plan reviews

Content creation and management

This is about helping you achieve your business and marketing goals. Monthly marketing reviews keep you on track to do the jobs that will get your goals met. The sessions help by maintaining an awareness of the long term vision, the integrated elements of your Marketing action plan, and the associated tasks related to a successful outcome. 

Content creation and management involves getting together to review, discuss and create evolving content for your website. This means you can populate your website and social media channels with up to date valuable content. We'll listen and advise, putting you on the right path towards specific content you can create on your own. Or, we'll ask questions and listen carefully so we can draft content for you. 


Social media marketing

Focusing on social media success, this work involves meeting regularly to review your social media plan. These sessions teach you and your team the best way to share your content, and build valuable relationships through social media. 

Social media training

 We champion a bespoke social media training experience — one to one personalised training, or training for teams. This way, you come away with crystal clear concepts and ideas that are relevant to your own business.


Website maintenance


Like cars, websites need maintenance. Issues usually occur due to system updates and evolving technical requirements in the ‘engine room’ of your website. These issues may affect the visual look of your site, your site performance and site functionality. If unattended, issues can build up resulting in a poor performing website, get bigger and become time consuming and expensive maintenance jobs. We can help minimise the likelihood of any such issues for clients whose websites we have built.





You can update the websites we build yourself. But most of our clients are too busy and value having an expert on hand to keep their website professional and on brand. Our marketing support retainers start from £360 a month.