A clear, prioritised and actionable approach to marketing and communication

We help you take a bird's eye view of your business, detailing what your business and marketing goals are. We then help you achieve those goals by aligning goals and customer needs with marketing activities.


Something Beckons has given us a cohesive approach to marketing our services that we didn’t have before. They have brought focus, vibrancy and excitement into the development of our website. Sessions are sharp edged, innovative, exciting, constructive and adaptable! — John Anderson, Director, Impala Consulting


The truth of the matter is that marketing can be daunting. There's an endless list of marketing opportunities fighting for your time and money. We hand-pick the best marketing solutions for your business and the real needs of your audience. By understanding your business, we craft marketing plans so you're always doing the things that create the biggest impact. 


Marketing services


Together, we ensure goals are achieved by regularly reviewing your marketing and communication plans. We identify key action points then allocate resources and delegate responsibilities. Our tailored approach maintains marketing momentum, ultimately helping to generate leads.


Strategy and planning

Ongoing support and advice

Together, we'll work out what your business goals are. Then we'll work backwards, figuring out the specific marketing and communication activities needed to achieve those goals. 

Gain clarity on who you should be pitching to, where these people hang out, what they want and need, what communication tools you need to reach them and what activities to do first. This helps to align your marketing and communication activities with your sales strategy.

Work with us to define what you want to achieve and ensure you get the best value for the resources you allocate. We also provide consultancy and tailored training to help you achieve your marketing and communication goals.

Once you have a 'map' of where you need to go, regular marketing reviews keep you on track doing the jobs that will get your goals met. The sessions help by maintaining an awareness of your long term vision, adapting activities if required and focusing on the specific tasks related to a successful outcome.

You can discuss challenges, ask questions, weigh up marketing delivery options and get expert help. We provide ongoing advice and support on:

  • Marketing and communication strategies
  • The delivery of marketing and communication plans
  • The performance of your website
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing

Marketing services information


A flexible approach to marketing and communications means we can meet you where you're at. We'll help you tackle your most frustrating marketing and communication pain points.

  • Talk to us about your needs and we'll tailor our marketing services to suit
  • £45.00 an hour / £360.00 a day (+VAT)
  • Marketing support retainers start from £360.00 a month