Community hubs 

  An online space dedicated to engaging groups of people with a common interest. A web based communication system backed with marketing and communication experience to help you activate and build a vibrant community.


Community websites provide the opportunity for individuals with similar beliefs, goals and related products or services to work together as a more powerful group. The community website is a resource rich website that channels traffic to the smaller individual websites of the people or businesses in the community.  

The community website provides a richer user experience, enabling target audiences to more easily discover and find information about more obscure individuals within the community.  For example, a group of independent retailers can all feature on a community website, together creating content that will attract people who would want to buy from independent retailers as opposed to standard high street brands. This higher impact website would serve to introduce potential customers to lesser know independent retailers, ultimately channeling traffic and footfall to their websites and shops. Through joint effort, the force of individuals working together on one website, creates more impact.  

We have developed, and continue to enhance an online community platform that is dedicated to engaging with groups of people with a common interest. With roots in Zambia, Something Beckons built this community platform for the Best if Zambia, and is heavily involved in the community management of this project. Already built, our community platform is incredibly cost effective and is now available for use by other groups.