Every morning when you get out of bed you'll consider what you're going to wear. Dressing up is the norm. So if we all get dressed up, why do so many people fall at the first hurdle and fail to dress their business message up? Dressing up your wares is what I would call marketing, graphic design and effective communication.

Each morning you'll consider what your day has in store and dress appropriately. You'll be aiming to send out the right kind of signals depending on what you want to achieve. Some will make conscious decisions about their choice of dress while others will argue they don't care how they dress. To those who say they don't care, my point is, you still get dressed. I have yet to come across naked people doing business (thank goodness)! Let me clarify...

As a business you'll have products or services that you need people to buy. How you communicate these (how you dress them) is a key factor in determining how successful you are at selling your wares. Throwing them out to market completely naked is not considering the image of your products or services at all. It's like turning up naked to a meeting with a potential client. Imagine what effect that would have!

Presenting your wares to market with DIY or cheap websites and leaflets is like throwing on the first thing you come across in the morning without considering the effect you want your clothes and image to have. So, you turn up to a meeting with your potential clients in the first thing you picked up. Who cares that it's cruddy t-shirt and jeans which missed last weeks wash? Seriously, you'd never think, that would do as you left the house. And if you would then you shouldn't be in business. Yet so many people look at their potentially good offering and create a naff website and product leaflet and think, "That'll do". Stop a minute. Doesn't that insult all the hard work you've put in? So many products and services I see could actually make an impact if they were just dressed appropriately.

Consider how you dress your wares just as you think about how you dress yourself. How should your products and services look to the market? Are they dressed in a way that makes your target audience notice them and think, "I really need them?" Just as you would consider your choice of attire and what effect they have, consider what effect your choice of words, colours and design will have on your target audience. Once you add up the money you waste in DIY and cheap routes that don't work (you lose time which you should value and you lose out on sales) you'll realise you would have been better off investing in a quality approach to dressing your wares in the first place. If you're serious, dress yourself and your wares for goodness sake!

AuthorSara Drawwater