The 80 20 rule remains true, even in marketing and communication. The 80 20 rule is also known as the Pareto principle - 80% of effect and results come from 20% of cause and effort. So, as everyone clambers for the attention of target audiences and potential customers this 2011, remember the 80 20 rule.

In reality, only a relatively small group are actually doing what they are meant to be doing, only 20% are doing it right. Do the hard work and you can be part of the top 20% that are getting 80% of the results. Relating this to websites, what are the 20% doing to their websites? And what is the 80% they are getting out of it?

Just 20% of people, your competition, other businesses or whatever you want to call them are definitely doing four things:

  1. Developing a website that is specifically appealing to their target audience and easy to navigate and digest 
  2. Regularly and consistently updating their website
  3. Communicating their expertise in their industry by sharing their knowledge and helping people
  4. Channelling traffic to their up to date website through social media

This 20% are getting 80% of the results and some of these results are increased

  1. Visibility
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Website traffic
  4. Relationship quality
  5. Rankings
  6. Leads and conversions

Dare I say it, it's Biblical - you reap what you sow. Simply put, it takes hard graft, lots of time investment and a genuine desire to help people and then you will achieve. Because the people, businesses and websites you aspire to be like have invested lots of time and effort they are a minority. This 2011, follow the tips above consistently and you may find yourself on your way to being in the 20%  who achieve 80% of the results. Notice I said, on your way - there never is a quick fix, and that is true of website communication too.

AuthorSara Drawwater