A lesson in customer service, communication and how to listen on social media channels from HootSuite. A little story about our own experience, even when we hardly matter to HootSuite. If you're and SME business who can react like this, you would probably stand out.

In the last three months I've been on a Hootsuite journey. It went something like this:

  1. Early August: started exploring HootSuite.
  2. August 19th: Wrote the blog, "From multiple social logins to HootSuite," recommending HootSuite.
  3. August 27th: My new relationship with HootSuite hits shaky ground as expressed in the blog, "Delicious desire or evil trickery".
  4. August 27th: 'HootSuite Helpers' take the time to comment on my blog, giving me valid explanations and free access to HootSuite University until October 14th.
  5. October 5th: I get a phone call from HootSuite asking me how I got on, what support is available, how they can help, etc.

Wow! Talk about a great way to make your customers feel special, even your little customers...

I am hardly a big fish to HootSuite. For the needs we currently have, I barely pay them anything a month. But they still made time for me, thought about my needs and tailored their response to suit. I mean, I even got a phone call. I now have a budding relationship with @JakeBeattie Account Executive at HootSuite, (aka JakeLondonOwl in true HootSuite style).

There are some big lessons here:

  1. People will talk about you on social media channels, so monitor what people are saying.
  2. Rightly or wrongly, people will sometimes give mixed reviews or say negative things about you. It's a good idea to respond appropriately.
  3. When people are feeling lukewarm about your product or services you have a great opportunity to demonstrate how much you actually care.
  4. Social media is an excellent tool for customer service. It gives you the opportunity to publicly display your customer service and culture.

HootSuite won me over. The series of small actions they took to make me feel valued were very powerful indeed. Today, I am a massive fan, ongoing customer and absolutely recommend HootSuite and HootSuite University.

AuthorSara Drawwater