OK, is any business out there truthful enough to admit that it's crazy busy and not necessarily for the right reasons? I am probably too honest for my own good (then again, I wonder if there is such a thing as being too honest) so I'm just saying it how it is. Is time management a myth or is it possible? What is time management exactly? What should small business owners do about time management?

I haven't blogged for ages. Yet I have a website with the blog as the front page. That is appalling, embarrassing and I know it does not give off the right signals. I have been less consistent on Twitter. I know I should do X, Y and Z but I'm just not getting round to it.

I know exactly what I should be doing but the reality is I'm just doing my best to make sure my group of clients are well taken care of and investing time into my businesses. I'm currently business building and I'm in the design business and it takes time, it's not something you can put on a speedy conveyor belt. I could take on more clients (I need to take on more clients) but right now I'm investing a lot of time into my own businesses - this one and the Best of Zambia which we launch a brand new website for this month. I want to make sure that what clients I do take on we can deliver to. My whole team is working six days a week, 12+ hours a day, investing time because we believe in our vision. The honest, crazy truth is our biggest challenge is time, or lack of it. The crazy part is we all have the same amount of time and I can't control the amount we all get. Argh!

So that's the news from us - we're completely and utterly out of time! So what do I do about it? And what are you doing better than me? Because everyone else out there seems a lot more in control of time than I?! How do you handle this time problem that plants all sorts of negative emotions like fear and worry in us? I'll leave it open to the floor? Any tips will be gladly taken on board.

AuthorSara Drawwater