So far we have done an ok job managing Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts for our two sister companies (Something Beckons and Contributors to our social media channels have logged in and out of these accounts and it's been getting tedious. 

So we've just signed up to HootSuite because:

  • We want to do more than an ok job and we want our company to practise what we preach. HootSuite looks like the tool which will get us where we want and need to be.
  • We want to get more of the good stuff. Through social media we've built great relationships, had leads turn into sales and have had great feedback. We want more, so we are cranking up the gears in our social media engine room. This warrants a social media management tool like HootSuite.
  • We want to help more. We run social media workshops and teach what we have learned from our successes and disasters! We know that when our delegates get to our stage they will need a tool like HootSuite. So we need to know it inside out.
  • We build websites for businesses and social media is a big part of that work. Our clients are asking us to help them set up and manage their social media activity. The only way to do this effectively is to have a tool like HootSuite.
  • We like the look of the things you can do with HootSuite. The HootSuite teams facility, scheduling and the measurement tools all look like they will play a major role in how we manage our social media activity.

Have you used HootSuite? How have you found it?

AuthorSara Drawwater