Are we hypocrites? A year ago we weren't completely comfortable with what our business was offering. We weren't completely giving the answers to some of the real difficulties experienced by businesses. Consequently, we went back to the drawing board and developed a range of distinct services that cover all the bases to effectively promote growing businesses. We are now completely comfortable with, and wholeheartedly believe in the tremendous value our services offer. Yes, these are exciting times.

But before we celebrate, we find ourselves in an uncomfortable position. We haven't been completely practicing what we preach. We are very good at telling businesses how to market and promote themselves effectively but haven't really been doing it for ourselves. Huge hypocrites. We know. The truth is, what right have we to profess to be great marketers and communicators if we don't do what we say?

Due to the nature of marketing and promotion it is the first thing to get shelved when you lack time, money or both. Everyday we tell others that they are suffocating the future of their business by postponing their marketing efforts. And that's exactly what we have been doing. We're guilty of using the same excuses we always hear.

So, to get back on track, we've got a simple idea — we will use the very process and services we recommend to effectively generate leads, build relationship and engage our audience. It's one thing saying you believe in what you offer but it's an altogether different ball game using your own business as a live case study. I strongly believe that we have got to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Follow our journey of self medication on our Facebook page and Twitter.

To start with we looked at our own services. The first step in our process is usually a Marketing Action Plan. It addresses questions like these and provides solutions.

  1. Do you really know your who your customers are?
  2. Do you really know where your audience hangs out?
  3. Do you really know what to say to effectively promote your business?
  4. Do you really know where to start?

Uh oh. If you don't know who your customers are, what is the point of marketing? If you don't know where you audience hangs out, are you shouting at the wrong people? Are your efforts misplaced when you don't know what to say but you're saying a lot? How can you expect results if you don't even know where to start?

Do you know the answers to these questions? Embarrassingly, we didn't. Not completely.

But we do now. Armed with the answers to these questions we have a plan of action. We will bare all and share it as we continue through the Something Beckons process.

AuthorSara Drawwater