Our business has evolved. In the past few weeks our name has changed from SaraBrown Ltd to Something Beckons Ltd. When I've announced this at networking events everyone has been very keen to know why. I thought I'd answer that question here too.

I'll tell you a little secret about our previous name SaraBrown Ltd. I had sarabrown.co.uk which was originally my portfolio site from when I graduated from university. We needed to become a limited company because of our work with our sister company in Zambia. Budgets were really tight (I mean really tight) and time was short. We became SaraBrown Ltd and that served a purpose for a while.

Today we are Something Beckons because in order for our vision for our business to manifest we need a name that is memorable, quirky and distinctive. We needed our name to mean something. After months and months of discussion we came across the word 'beckon'.

The conversation went something like this: 'Beckon, that's a good word. To beckon means to signal or summon. That is what our communication tools do. They beckon people.' 'What beckons?' 'We beckon. Our work beckons. I don't know, something beckons.' 'Something beckons. Something Beckons!'

The domain and company name were available for the taking. We couldn't quite believe it. One problem is that somethingbeckons is one letter too long to be our Twitter name. Something tells us that Twitter won't change their protocol just for us! So we're going to have to be a little bit more inventive for that.

But here's the serious bit. Your business name is the beginning of your brand. There was a great mismatch between our previous name and the brand we are creating. We are building a brand synonymous with communication simplicity and authenticity. We believe you don't need a 100 page strategy, convoluted language and over complicated design. Engaging your market is all about building relationships authentically.

We're enabling businesses to achieve this through the simple creative communication systems we are developing. Traditionally creative people don't believe in systems because they think it stifles creativity. Traditionally marketeers, designers, trainers and web people like developers and search engine optimisation gurus work independently. We're breaking these traditions. We're creating systems so that our communication solutions are uncomplicated, effective and affordable for the businesses we're pitching to. We're bringing all the skills needed for successful communication under one roof (marketing action plans, design, development and social media). Excitingly, something beckons!

AuthorSara Drawwater