We work best with growing SMEs who understand that in order to prosper, there is an absolute necessity for resources to be allocated to quality marketing and consistent communications.

We are quite different from the web and design teams you might be used to. We challenge our clients to step outside of their comfort zone and communicate in a way that stimulates conversation and adds real value. With experience in UK and Africa, we do what it takes to help SMEs engage their audiences, build relationships and generate leads. If you want honesty, authenticity and simplicity then work with us


Meet the team

Sara Drawwater

Marketing and social media geek. Face of Something Beckons. Creator. Communicator. Trainer. Workaholic. 

Vice Chair of the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce Communications Sector

Twitter · LinkedIn · Personal blog

Luke Brown

Serial developer, designer and technical genius. Solves the unfathomable. Plays loud music. Perfectionist.

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Joe Brown
Innovator and ideas man. Finder of very good things. Leader. Storyteller. Dreamer.

Julia Brown
Systems and operations mastermind. Logical. Nice. Accident prone. All round genius.


Our approach

Goals come first

We insist on establishing your goals first. We can then figure out the specific training and marketing and communication activities needed to achieve those goals and give everyone involved a better idea about what success looks like. 

Tailored social media training

We champion bespoke social media and content marketing training that is tailored to your business goals and customer needs. 

Content comes first

The only way for SMEs to make an impact online is to create useful content for their particular client base — we're talking free content. It works a little bit like this: 

  • The more informative your free content, the more beneficial it is.
  • The more beneficial it is, the more it is appreciated.
  • The more it is appreciated, the more reach and influence you have. 
  • The more reach and influence you have, the more leads you generate. 

Valuable and sharable content is the only way to engage audiences, build relationships and generate leads. For that reason, content comes first. We think about what end users want, create the foundation content, then create the design and website engine around that. Finally, we help you create fresh content on an ongoing basis.  

Managing expectations

In the SME world we work in, unlimited resources are not part of the deal. So we manage expectations and do not over promise. Successful marketing and communication takes time and effort. Unfortunately, there is no miracle formula, but the result of staying committed to a consistent and phased approach to marketing is the achievement of your goals and a stronger brand presence. This has a positive effect on sales.

Pushing boundaries

To make your marketing and communication work for you, we ask difficult questions and challenge you to create communication material that really gives your audiences what they want. The only way to do this is question everything and push boundaries.

A long-term relationship

If you're serious about sorting out your marketing and communication you've got to be in it for the long haul. We work with SMEs on a long term basis, meeting regularly for down to earth, relevant and tailored advice and action.